Saturday, August 4, 2012

Go Ride a 'b'...

Rise of the 'B'.  Some of you may have become aware of the slow ascent of the new mountain bike wheel size, 650b.  If not, it's the 'Goldilocks' size, right in between a 26'er and 29'er.  This is my fourth season on a 650b bike (Haro Beasley, amazing ride) and I must say I'm glad to see majors like Turner, Intense, Jamis, KHS, Fox, and Rock Shox on board with the format.  I'm personally hoping to be able to soon afford an Ibis Mojo SL to convert to 650b - just a wheel swap. 

What's to like about 650b?  Everything!  Handles drops and fast sweepers better'n a 26'er, and just handles better'n a 29'er.  I recently bought an Epic 29'er and it's noticeable, the difference in 'flickability' with the 29'er just being slower and less 'fun'.  If I raced I suppose the 9'er might have a place in my heart but alas, I do not race.  The smaller wheels spin up to speed faster too, are easier to transport in the back of my car, and just look 'right'.  I rode my Beasley on the Magnificent 7, Bar M, and Slick Rock trails in Moab, just a real delight!

Go ride a 'b' bike if you can, you'll dig it!

Beasley in Boise!