Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Cateye Altimeter Computer!

So Cateye has a new altimeter computer that should now be available at your local bike shop (please support your LBS - the internet can't tune your bike or help you install your new computer!).  

I've been playing around with my demo sample, and it's so cool to be able to look down and quickly see your current elevation, the temperature, your total gain, the percent grade you're on, not to mention your speed, countdown distance, etc.

The Adventure (its official handle) utilizes digitally wireless encoded transmission for reliable communication between sensor and head unit, and also features the ClickTec feature found on the Strada line; groovy as the entire computer body functions as the mode button - easy to work as you're riding along.

Initial impression are very good, and I'll update as my time and experience with the Adventure grow.  As you may already be aware of, I work for Cateye but try to remain as objective as possible.  

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