Sunday, April 11, 2010

Move to Boulder

Well, perhaps I need to change the title of my blog as I'm now living in Boulder, Colorado.  I had to move here for my new job, and I must admit, it feels strange living east of the Continental Divide and out of the northwest.  

I haven't quite adjusted to not being able to buy beer and wine at the grocery store, pro-life edition license plates, and having audis, volvos, bmws, bentleys, and mercedeses outnumber fords and chevys on the roads.

The drive down was mostly uneventful with the exception of my Subaru hemorrhaging oil from many leaks.  Wasn't sure it would make it the 1,100 miles but it did, and is running like a champ for the time being.  Had some oddly beautiful grey skies in Montana near Anaconda:

Spent the night in Billings, apparently Montana's fasting growing city.  Not necessarily my kind of town, saw several oil refineries within city limits.  Had a feel of pseudo-old oil money about the place, but folks were mostly friendly.

I stopped in Sheridan, Wyoming the second day as my step-mom's father was born there and she had never seen it so grabbed some pictures of main street for her, and a cup of mud for the road.  Great little coffee shop, believe the only one in town, that brews drip by using filter paper and a spout.  Even spied this bike shop, encouraging for a tumbleweed kind of town in the middle of Wyoming:

Made it to Boulder, and after waiting for the snow to melt from several significant storms, was finally able to hit some singletrack.  My first venture was to an area near Lyons called Hall Ranch which features a decent section of rock garden and some good flowing track.

Closer to Boulder is Heil Ranch, good riding for after work:

Barely visible in the above picture are the Flatirons.  I also made the trip down to Pueblo to ride out at Pueblo Lake State Park South Shore - certainly worth the drive!  You can ride either sinewy singletrack through the sage and cactus, or go hit the 'canyons' and get your technical riding skills going.  Really fun in the canyons, lots of shale, rock slabs, a few wooden bridges, but you had better be paying attention or have to deal with some reconstructive  dental work.  An overview of the area from the parking lot:

Sorry if this entry seems a bit anecdotal but not feeling terribly literal right now, and mainly wanted to get a post up as it's been some time, and felt the need to document recent exploits.

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