Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mountain Respite

OK, so a small(er) town Idaho boy might feel a bit like a fish out of water in a thriving, culturally-astute mini-opolis such as Boulder.  I mean, I've seen guys wearing Dansko clogs with Carhartt double-knee work dungarees here for pete's sake!  And don't even mention the guy driving his $110K Bentley through 12" of fresh in town.  It's a bit different than what I'm used to; not saying this is a bad thing - quite the contrary, being exposed to culture that transcends flannel, death metal, dirt bikes, and funnel cakes is actually doing me a world of good.  And I won't even mention how many beautiful women I see on a daily basis (ooops!).  

However, every once in a while it's nice to have a respite from all the hustle, be among some folks who take life one day at a time, and see more pine trees than yucca plants.  Enter Nederland.  This is a great mountain town about 2o miles west of Boulder with a vibe of a somewhat-cooler Sandpoint.

A particular bright spot in Ned (as it's locally referred to) is a little coffee shop (that conveniently also sells beer, burritos, and bike tires - no kidding) called Happy Trails.  Swell place, great staff, can't wait to go for one of their Sunday mountain rides once the snow melts.  Took this pic while enjoying a beer and some Thoreau:

BTW, the Left Hand Sawtooth Ale (what else is a displaced Idaho boy to drink?) was splendid, as was the black bean burrito.  Word to the wise:  consuming beans at 8,236 feet above sea level won't make you the most popular person on the car ride back home.

In any case, highly recommend a trip to Ned and The Happy Trails Cafe if you're ever in the area!

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  1. I think that clogs/overalls guy must ride my bus. Or if he doesn't, he should. Can I get the guided Ned tour sometime?