Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back from Colorado

So went to ride in Colorado last week; helped a friend move some of his girlfriend's stuff to Idaho from Colorado Springs. Riding was swell. Rode Cap'n Jacks, Section 16, and the Falcon Trail in the Springs; Rampart Reservoir in Woodland Park, and the Monarch Crest Trail near Salida.

Must say, as far as experience, Rampart was my favorite ride - 13 miles of flowing singletrack through the woods and around the lake, all while Pike's Peak loomed to our south. Would be a great cyclorcross trail actually.  Enjoyed some cold ones post-ride; even slurped down an Old Style courtesy of Tom, the Wild Man of Ft Collins:

The Crest Trail was fun too, but rode it on a rigid 1x9 so it was a bit bumpy. Actually had all the gears I needed, just wished for suspension more than once due to many embedded baby heads. The trail never really 'opened up' for me, always seemed like I was hunting my way through the trail. Good riding nonetheless.

We stopped in Fruita but couldn't ride there due to time constraints, nor Salt Lake. However, do plan on returning to both spots in the winter to ride then.

OK, off to look for a car and a job. More as more develops. May have a Mackenzie River Trail ride to report on soon!

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